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17-Year-Old Girl Runs Prostitution Ring Out of Her High School

Police in Florida say a 17-year-old girl was arrested last week for using Facebook to start a prostitution ring at local high schools.

According to WTSP, the girl, a student at Sarasota, Fla.’s Riverview High School, was arrested on Friday after four students at Venice High School told school administrators. The student stands accused of setting up meetings where men would reportedly pay $50 for oral sex, and $100 to have sex with virgins.

One appointment involved a 15-year-old girl meeting 21-year-old John Mosher in exchange for $40 and a bottle of alcohol. The meeting took place behind a shed at a community pool, but when the girl attempted to back out of the arrangement, Mosher forced her into sex.

Mosher was arrested and charged with sexual battery, while the girl who orchestrated everything faces human trafficking charges. Police in Venice, Fla. told WFTS they expect to make another arrest today.

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17-Year-Old Girl Runs Prostitution Ring Out of Her High School from Complex.

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