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10 CRAZIEST Moana Fan Theories

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It’s been said that every Disney movie exists inside the same universe, but that’s not the craziest theory out there. Even though Moana is one of the newest Disney flicks, it still has its fair share of diehard fans who scrutinize every single frame. So, grab your red string and pushpins and stay tuned as I count down the 10 craziest Moana fan theories, right here on Listed.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Moana goes on an ocean quest after the sea chooses her to do it. But many fans have a theory that the newest Disney Princess is in fact the ocean personified. Her name even translates to “Ocean” from the Togan language so I think this is a pretty solid theory!

Other fans think that it’s not Moana who’s the spirit of the ocean, but rather sassy Grandma Tala. This one does have some proof though. Only Grandma knows where Maui is imprisoned and she seems to always be around when Moana is near the water. Plus, let’s not forget she turns into a freakin’ Manta Ray when she dies!

One of the crazier theories, however, is that Moana actually died as a baby. Stay with me, here! Many people online believe that she died in the opening scene as a baby and her people turned her into a goddess who protected the island. Ok, so I can’t quite get behind this one, but maybe you can.

On the subject of death, it seems more plausible that the demi-god Maui was actually killed as a baby. Remember that his human parents threw him into the ocean. But if you’ve ever taken an actual interest in mythology, you’d find that a demi-god can only be made possible by having one human parent and one god parent. So it’s safe to say Maui was resurrected to become a demi-god.

There’s also a crazy theory out there that Moana is in fact a demi-god! When Moana meets Tamatoa, he picks her up and asks what she’s doing “here” — here being Lalotai – basically the equivalent of the underworld. In Polynesian myth, mortals cannot go into the underworld and yet Moana was! And as explained earlier, her name means Ocean, and deities in Polynesian myth who have names meaning fire or win are, you guessed it, gods.

Tons of fans are getting behind the wild theory that the Heart of Te Fiti doesn’t necessarily create life, but sustains it. Moments after Grandma Tala hands over the heart to Moana after keeping it safe for years, she falls ill and eventually dies. Moana also gets, like, no injuries throughout the whole movie. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Disney, but you’re telling me nothing happened to her after bouncing off a cliff?

Who didn’t instantly fall in love with Pua the pig?! While I’m still bummed he was barely in the movie, a crazy theory about him, is the animal, is Chief Tui’s friend reincarnated. The whole reason Moana is banned from going out on the water is because the Chief lost his friend. At the end of the film, Pua is so excited to go out on the water with Chief Tui after deciding to stay safe on land.

A literal “out there” fan theory is that the movie represents space exploration. A reddit user compares the village to Earth and all the villages surrounding it to other planets and galaxies, and Moana’s need to explore is just like ours to see what else is in the universe!

The craziest fan theory is that Moana and Wonder Woman are the same person. There are a ton of parallels between the two films from living on a tropical island, having family members who inspire them to overbearing parents and their similar journeys. One thing’s for certain, both are pretty kickbutt ladies!

Now, I saved the best for last. Prepare to have your mind blown! Maui may actually be Moana’s real father! Moana’s mom’s name is Sina, who, in Polynesian folklore, is a maiden that had an eel fall in love with her. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Maui sings a song about it where he says he killed the eel. Guess who killed the eel in the original story? Yep, Sina’s husband aka Moana’s real father! MIND. BLOWN.

And now that we’ve counted down 10 of the craziest Moana fan theories, I want to know which one you think is the most legit, and which ones are way too far-fetched. Leave a comment down below and make sure to subscribe. Then, click over here to watch 7 weirdest tv & movie fan theories. I’ve been your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see ya next time!

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